Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Friday, June 19, 2015

Returning my focus

My week has pretty much been filled with the most (self-inflicted) stress. Really, I was asking for it. Being in such an intense program and then totally slacking off. But then on another level, I only slacked on one assignment. And that has affected the subsequent 4 assignments. #IHAVESIXFORTHISSUBJECT
Anyways, long story short. I have pretty much been having a week that's straight up shit. I feel no motivation whatsoever to do anything at all. And my deadlines are creeping up at a faster pace than ever. Oh well, silver linings? I just have 2 more weeks. Bad news? I have just 2 week left!! And I still need to study for finals. So, 2 weeks to finish 6 assignments(5 in the first week) and then study for 4 subjects? God, you've got my back right! I can do this. #IpraythatIcan

The main reason for this post though is to remind me that even through this all, I've got pretty amazing friends :) From giving me brownies to hugs and virtual ones. Ju just made my day. xxxxoooo. And I shall be waiting patiently for the mail to come the coming week or so. :D So super excited mannn. Much cryptic eh. Just the way I roll. HAHA. So, be thankful is all I can say. Be thankful, self. You've got it good and you will not realize it without times like these.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sufjan Stevens

Words don't even come close to describing the emotions that Sufjan is able to toy with, just with his music. It's the kind of music where when you have that silence after listening to it, that silence is almost echoing back at you, begging for more. It's amazing especially for studying IMHO. That or just thinking. The sort of thinking without thoughts. Just openness of mind in some sense.

Just look at his eyes. It's like he knows stuff. 

Anyways, to start off everyone should check out Seven Swans. Because Seven Swans, I have fallen in love with. The whole album is really great. His voice, the music. Another plus for Christians would be that you'll appreciate this album even more, from the titles to the lyrics. You'll get it the moment you check it out. WHICH SHOULD BE RIGHT ABOUT YESTERDAY BRO. Haha. Also, once you've got that covered there are like 8(!!!! #amazinginnit) more studio albums for you to enjoy!! 

Now tell me you wouldn't wanna listen to this guy ^^

Here, a pretty much all Christian song for you: